A Perfect Weekend In Mount Maunganui

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Things To Do When Visiting Mount Maunganui

We LOVE Mount Maunganui!

It’s been crowned the best beach in New Zealand on several occasions and it’s a popular tourist destination, with plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops and things to do. Mount Maunganui is based in the Bay of Plenty and is a suburb of Tauranga.

Here’s a list of a few things you can get up to whilst visiting this amazing place.

Mount Hot Pools

If a nice swim in the sea isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe it’s too cold or maybe you don’t like getting covered in sand. Why not go for a dip in the lovely and warm Mount Hot Pools. Situated at the base of Mauao these hot pools are a fantastic alternative to the beach, or to fix the aches and pains after a walk up or around The Mount.

Take a Walk or Hike, Up or Around The Mount

Depending which option you chose could depend on how fit your feeling. Both options are amazing, so don’t feel guilty if you do one and not the other.

A walk around the base should take between 45-60 minutes depending on how fast you walk and how many times you stop for photo opportunities and to just enjoy the view. The path will take you from one beach to another, with the sea on your side throughout the majority of the walk. It really is beautiful, even on a bad day.

The hike up will again take 45-60 minutes one way, it’s not for the light hearted as there are sections where the steps are steep. That being said you’ll find all sorts of people taking it on so don’t be afraid to do it.

Bay of Plenty
view from the top of Mount Maunganui

Shopping, Bars, Cafes & Restaurants

There are so many places to visit when walking around Mount Maunganui. Maunganui Road is the main road from Tauranga to the base of Mauao. It is full of coffee shops, cafes, bars and restaurants so you’ll have to visit a few times just to try each place. There are also plenty of shops throughout, whether you’re after collectibles, novelty gifts, surfboards, skateboards or clothes.

You’ll find some great deals on Book Me for some of these places so it’s worth checking out to save some money.

Looking For Dolphins?

If you fancy REALLY exploring around Mount Maunganui, by this I mean let’s look at what’s going on in the sea. Have you ever wanted to see up close some dolphins and other sea life?

Check out Bay Explorer, based in Tauranga they explore the coast around Mount Maunganui. On the trip you’ll hopefully see dolphins, orcas, sharks and other wildlife.

Having Fun In The Sea

If you’re into watersports then why not hire a surf board and take on the waves on the main beach. If you’re not the surfing type you can hire a paddle board or sailing catamaran from Mount Cats & Yaks or some of the other companies operating within Mount Maunganui.

There are plenty of surf shops and hire places where you can rent a board for an hour or two.

Safety Tips

The Bay of Plenty has a high UV level, so we really recommend a good waterproof sunscreen when exploring this amazing place. There is a marker on the main beach that tells you the days UV rating which is really useful.

Watch your feet!! It’s not a common occurrence but there are Rays that swim around the area. Always watch where your walking / swimming when in the sea as these things sting. They can get pretty big too, I was paddling out on my surfboard one day and an Eagle Ray almost 1 metre wide popped up next to me as I was paddling through the breakers.

Where the correct PPE when partaking in watersports. That sounded official!!
What I mean is, always use a buoyancy aid or lifejacket or any other personal floatation device to make sure you’re safe when out on the water. Be safe and know your limitations.

We hope you enjoy your weekend in Mount Maunganui. Or week, or longer. We don’t blame you if you want to stay longer 🙂

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