Things to do in Canterbury

Canterbury consists of 45 square kilometres of New Zealands eastern coast with a population of around 650,000 people.  Over half of the population live in Christchurch so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty quiet region of New Zealand.

Its main attractions are Christchurch, Kaikoura, Hamner Springs and part of the Southern Alps.  Yes, you can be surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon/evening.  

The rebuild since the 2011 earthquake has taken it’s time, but Christchurch is looking better day by day, with some amazing cafes, restaurants and bars popping up throughout the city.  There is always somewhere new to check out.

We lived in Christchurch for 2 years and found it an ideal base of operations for planning our trips and excursions because it’s so central and still affordable compared to the likes of Auckland.

There is so much to do within the confines of Canterbury.  From surfing, paddle boarding, skiing and snow boarding, to whale watching, swimming with dolphins or relaxing at a spa with snow covered mountains to look at.
Canterbury has it all.