Our favourite towns and cities in New Zealand

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We’ve compiled a list of towns that we love visiting here in New Zealand. In no particular order we’ll share our our favourite places that we have visited around the south and north island.


We lived in Christchurch for just over a year and visited soo many places in and around Christchurch. Christchurch has been rebuilding for the last 8 years and has made some huge developments over that time. It’s becoming a city full of fantastic restaurants, quirky cafes, cool bars and some great shopping malls. The great thing about Christchurch is it’s location, it’s 20 minutes from Sumner beach, which is a safe beach with great spots for families and some really good surf, it’s also just over an hour from Mt. Hutt, one of the south islands top skiing and snow boarding fields and close to others too. Christchurch is also home to the Crusaders rugby team, the Hagley Oval which hosts a number of cricket games throughout the year and the yearly beer festival at the gorgeous botanic gardens in the middle of the city.

For some great ideas of things to do and places to visit in Christchurch visit www.christchurchnz.com


Wellington is a cool city. Full of bars, great cafes and restaurants and some amazing shops to wander round and spend your hard earned money. The saying goes ‘you can’t beat Wellington on a good day’ which is very true, on a good day with the sun out and the temperature high it’s an amazing city to be in, with its close vicinity from bar to beach. Wellington is known to be very windy due to how close it is to the cook strait, we’ve fortunately never been there when it’s been bad but can imagine what it’s like. Wellington has the only A League football team in New Zealand called the Wellington Phoenix, and they have a great following in the capital. The stadium is right by the Harbourside and creates a great atmosphere around the city centre whenever they play.

Check out www.wellingtonnz.com for some inspiration on what to do in this amazing city.


Queenstown is known as the adrenaline junkies destination. It’s surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes, perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, snow boarding, skiing, trekking, and general bad ass adventuring.The only downside to Queenstown we feel is just how busy it can get and how expensive it is to live there. Apart from that it is a must do when you’re on the South Island. No matter what time of the year it is there is always something to do in and around Queenstown, make sure you take enough money with you to make the most of everything you can do as there is soo much!!

Visit www.queenstownnz.co.nz for information on things you can see or do in this amazing city.


Every time I go to Auckland I feel a strong pull towards the city, it’s vibrant and full of life. There is always something to do in Auckland and that’s probably why I enjoy it so much, there is a huge range of fantastic restaurants, bars and cafes as well as tons of shops to check out and spend all your hard earned money. It has almost everything a city would ever need, it’s the most populated city in New Zealand and is the best place for major sporting events, concerts and festivals. Every time we visit Auckland we find something new.

Go to www.aucklandnz.com for more information on what you can do in Auckland and explore this amazing city.

Mount Maunganui

We can’t write this list without mentioning our home. Mount Maunganui used to be it’s on town but is now classed as a suburb of Tauranga City. It’s located on a peninsula in the Bay of Plenty at the base of Mauao the most iconic landmark in the area. The main beach has won ‘best beach in New Zealand’ countless times and due to its location offers some great surf on one side and a lovely bay on the other which is often full of families enjoying the safe swimming water, boats, paddle boards and jet skis. ‘The Mount’ also boasts a great range of cafes and restaurants along the main strip with plenty of boutique shops to visit also. At the base of Mauao there is also the hot pools which are great for relaxing in after a hike up the mount.

Check out www.bayofplentynz.com for more things to do around the area. Don’t forget to visit the up and coming city of Tauranga whilst you’re there.

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